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pillow type packing machine project profile:

main products include food, medicine, daily necessities, mechanical parts, four series of pillow packaging machine, its packaging performance is stable, the packing quality. the high quality of high quality service to win the industry and related industry's trust and praise. now for many of the world's top food company of choose and buy products, and get approval.

overwrapping machine project profile:

3d packaging, folding machine series projects department introduction: this series of machine is widely used in medicine, food, protect key products, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, poker and other industries in various cassette items in the package a collection or list box closed automatic packaging, greatly improve the grade of products, improve product added value, improve the quality of the product appearance decoration.

automatic packaging line project profile:

this project can solve the packing line in the process of production systems engineering, including dxd - 660 series is the first set of domestic independent development in the true sense of chocolate packaging production line, can for enterprise to reduce 5-6 artificial, greatly reduced production costs, and adopts the automatic film technology, implementation does not halt production, packaging performance is stable, the packing quality.

automatic packing machine project profile:

it consists of four parts: products auto feeding, auto grouping, product auto gripping and carton auto filling. this machine adopts full servo drive, touch screen and plc control; which makes operation of machine even easier.

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