bar products automatic feeding and multi-piece packaging line

bar products automatic feeding and multi-博天堂游戏

this machine is suitable for machine multi-piece of bar products.

turntable feeding - conveying - arranging - multi-piece feeding - pillow type packing

1. the machine adopts full automatic control and runs with low noise, which makes working environment more comfortable.
2. the whole process of feeing, arranging, bag forming, filling and sealing is fully automatic.
3. the machine adopts industrial touch screen, human-machine interface. it intuitively shows the parameter and has the menu operation, which makes operators easier to use.
4. the machine has device for film auto-splice, which makes process of packing more smoothly.
5. unique design of machine makes high speed auto-packing of multi-piece bar products comes true.

third, the main technical parameters:
a) the maximum production capacity: 200bag / min (according to the different size of materials, subject to change)
b) the maximum packaging film width: 300mm
c) the maximum packaging film roll diameter: 390mm
d) the shape of the package: a number of long cylindrical, long square
e) packing size: diameter 15-30mm length 70 ~ 150mm
f) the number of packaging: 2 to 5 (special plane, including one of the specifications)
g) packing: bag length 80-180mm
h) packaging materials: pet / cpp, etc. can be heat-sealing material
i) total power: 8.5kw
j) power supply: 3p / ac 380v / 50hz
k) dimensions: 6790 * 2140 * 1600mm (depending on the material size, and change)
l) total weight: 1.6t

4, can provide a date device printer
no, support language 1, chinese 2, english

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