cf-260 automatic carton filler


1. use and characteristics
1) use
this machine is suitable for products automatic grouping and carton filling. it saves labors, and makes whole production process fully automatic.
2) this machine is connected to pillow type packing machine directly. it consists of four parts: products auto feeding, auto grouping, product auto gripping and carton auto filling. this machine adopts full servo drive, touch screen and plc control; which makes operation of machine even easier.
3) production flow
pillow type packaging line - auto feeding - auto grouping - products auto gripping - auto carton filling - finished product
2. main parameters

1、max. production capacity: 260bags/min
2、max. carton size: 420*330*230mm
3、power supply: 380v/50hz
4、gross power: 2.7kw
5、 compressed air: ≥0.8mpa
you can choose air compressor with power of 2.2 kw
6、weight : about280kg
7、overall dimension : 3500-4200*2300-2600*1700mm

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