do you know what a row line is? -博天堂游戏

top stock discharge line,it includes slow belt conveyor, row of rotating baffle plate, fast joint belt conveyor and discharging belt conveyor. in the direction of feeding, first slow belt conveyor, followed by fast joint belt conveyor, and then the delivery belt conveyor. rows of rotating baffles are installed in the middle of the front part of the rapid-joint belt conveyor. after the discharging belt conveyor platform, the next fast joint belt conveyor platform and the discharging belt conveyor platform can be set repeatedly.

rapid belt conveyor before and after the machine is characterized by rapid joint tilt installation can use belt feeding machine 4 installed in a rapid joints placed on belt conveyor machine 3 front position, solve the current rows stock line complex structure, installation problems, is not conducive to monitor the process of conveying of problems, so as to improve the productivity. mainly used in material finishing field.