do you know the inner structure and purpose of pillow packing machine? -博天堂游戏

,the device comprises a rack and a conveying crawler set on the rack for conveying and processing materials and a packaging device for packaging and processing materials. the conveying crawler for products is connected with the packaging device, and a collecting device for collecting and processing materials is arranged under the conveying crawler for products. the packaging machine can avoid processing material debris scattered at will, so as to ensure the workshop environment and the overall health of the workshop.

tubular material pillow packaging equipment, involving a pillow pack packaging equipment, the existing sheet material pillow packaging method relative tube pillow packaging materials, there is fee, affect beautiful, material is expensive, and increasing working procedure, the shortcomings of increase energy consumption and labor costs, the present invention provides a by operating in the in a tubular material of brace, quickly achieve a pipe material pillow packing device, the invention of the brace in the open end of tube material, in the tide, pit, send down to the bottom of the pig, chock, sealing and cutting machine, above the chock, grip in the upper part of the sealing and cutting machine, the sealing device is above the gripper, the fixing device is above the sealing device, the discharging device is above the fixing device, and the feeding device is above the discharging device. this product is used for packing solid, liquid and powder products.