high speed automatic pillow candy packaging machine advantages, hurry to see -博天堂游戏

a brief introduction to let you heartbeat the high-speed automatic


the original single servo or double servo motor control, compared with other domestic and foreign similar inverter motor or inverter control products, more intelligent, higher packaging precision, more adjustable range, more accurate control, lower rejection rate, better stability. thanks to the adoption of the world's leading

all open box structure, drive structure at a glance, more convenient maintenance;


1. fast computer programming and photoelectric tracking.

2. variable frequency speed regulation, making the operation stable and free.

3. positive and negative rotation of extra large sugar tray, so that the empty packet rate to achieve the effect.

4. excellent performance and high-speed packaging.

pillow packaging machine level is improving

speed increasingly along with the level of packaging machinery, technology overall level enhances unceasingly, multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption of packaging machine have sprung up, ready for our pillow packing machine to go into the international market. throughout china's packaging machinery industry; all kinds of food, daily chemical and other industries have higher requirements on packaging machinery and equipment, pay more attention to food safety issues, more and more packaging machinery and equipment, more and more novel patterns, to a higher level of technical requirements, give us a lot of room to play.