automatic turntable feeding packaging line

automatic turntable feeding packaging line -博天堂游戏

use: this flow packing machine is suitable for packing round bar products.

rotary table feeding -- conveying -- arranging -- pillow type packing

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1. this machine adopts full servo intelligentized control and runs with low noise, which makes the
working condition more comfortable.
2. the machine is highly automated. it can be connected to production line directly; the processes
of feeding, forming, filling and sealing are fully automatic.
3. the machine adopts industrial touch screen, human-machine intuitively shows the
parameter and has the menu operation, which makes operators easier to use.
4. the machine has device for film auto-splice, which makes process of packing more smoothly.
5. unique design of machine makes high speed auto-packing of products with smaller size come true.

main technical parameters

max. production capacity 660bag/min
max width of film 200mm
max. dia of film ø390mm
shape of products round bars
packing range length of bag 80-180mm
dia 15~30mm
packing material
gross power 7kw
power supply 3p/380v/50hz
overall dimension 6000×1300×1600mm
gross weight 1.5t

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