dxd-280 multifunctional pillow packing machine



the machine is a fully computerized, high-precision packaging machine. for solid objects of any shape, such as food, daily necessities, health supplies, mechanical parts (ice cream, betel nuts, candied fruits, wipes, infusion stickers, bearings, piston pins, etc.) of the pillow packing.

provide supporting devices
a, date printer b, nitrogen filling, spray device

product parameters:

production capacity 50-190 bags/min
range of packaging bag length 150-450mm 70-260mm 30-130mm
width 25-110mm 25-100mm 25-80mm
height <50mm <50mm < 50mm
maximum diameter of packaging film ø350mm
maximum width of packing film 300mm
total power 3 kw
power supply 220v 50-60hz
total weight 750kg
dimensions 3200-4700*1050*1450mm

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