dxd-460c model no tray pillow packing machine



  1, the safety
  automatically displays the fault alarm, security doors, safety switches
  2, intelligent
  using intelligent temperature control system, with the packing speed can automatically change the temperature.
  the product can be stored in the parameter menu, which stores up to 10 products.
  full chinese touch screen display the working status, operating instructions, fault display, production statistics, simple and intuitive.
  3, efficient
  imported servo motor drive has more advantages than the traditional mechanical transmission, packaging, performance and stability.
  dual paper tube structure, reducing downtime to change paper.
  4, durable
  easy to replace machine parts design, machine design durable.
  5, low noise
  adopts timing belt, thereby reducing noise.
  6, saving material
  eliminating the need for pallets (boxes), cost savings, reduce environmental pollution.

max. production capacity 30-100 bags/min
packaging range length 100-220mm
width 40-100mm
height 30-80mm
gross power 3 .3kw
power supply 220v 50hz
gross weight 1200kg
overall dimension (length * width * height) 3800*3200*1500mm

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