dxd-ⅱ p multifunctional automatic pillow packing machine



this machine is soft, hard candies, candied fruits and small bulk items pillow packaging equipment, and is able to automatically manage long-shaped candy sugar. this machine adopts photoelectric automatic tracking and detection, the entire length of the automatic adjustment. wrapping paper length arbitrary regulation, a multi-purpose machine, wide adaptability, lean, low noise, strong overall performance, ranking the leading domestic level.

the main technical parameters:

production capacity 80-400 bags / min    80-300bags / min
packaging shapes various shapes
range of packaging bag length 45-80 (four claws) 55-100 (jaw)  
width 15-45mm        15-45mm
height 6-30mm         6-30mm
maximum width of packing film 150mm
dimensions 3500*1000*1520mm
total weight 1400kg
total power 4kw
power supply 380v50hz

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