zsb-420b-dimensional paper packaging machine


the machine through a series of mechanical structures inside the machine be modified and completed a specialty packaging machine. the following production volume on a4 paper, card for automatic packaging machine uses frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, plc programming control, hmi, gathered light, electricity, machines, air, instrument as a whole. wrapping paper available color sealing film, color paper and glue, is a reasonable structure and advanced technology, new automatic packaging machine.

the main technical parameters:

production capacity 10-18 bags / min
packaging materials sealing transparent film, color film, color printing on adhesive tape, coated paper
packing length 150-320mm wide 50-210mm high 15-80mm, a4 copy paper
power supply 220v 50-60hz
total power 4.5kw
working pressure 0.4mpa
weight 1000kg
dimensions length 2300mm × width 960mm (3000mm) × height 1950mm

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