tsb-a / b three-dimensional packaging machine



it applies to drugs, food, cosmetics, health products, audio and video products, stationery, daily necessities and other cassette packaged goods cellophane body-wrapping. less focused on some packaging products designed. has a low price, gas and electricity based, simple structure, easy operation, the school that will, no maintenance, lightweight and beautiful, small footprint of the features.

the main technical parameters:

production capacity 10-20 bags / min
packaging materials opp, bopp, pvc sealing film, thermal viscous cellophane and security pull
packing type a: length 40-180mm wide 30-110mm high 10-50mm
type b: length 80-300mm 50-200mm in width high 20-80mm
power supply 220v 50-60hz
total power 3kw
weight 150kg
dimensions type a: length 1700mm × width 600mm × height 1000mm
type b: length 2100mm × width 700mm × height 1000mm

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