zh-100 multifunction horizontal cartoner



first, use
applicable to all types of automatic cartoning items. as well as chocolate, biscuits and other similar materials pillow packaging cartoning packaging, with pillow packing machine automatic line.
second, the characteristics
1, intelligent
set by the plc centralized control mechanism
touch screen display the working status, fault display, operating instructions, production statistics, simple and intuitive.
material into the box is not in place automatic shutdown
insufficient number of materials, automatic rejecting
2, effective
packing speed, air bag in case of no less than cartons, reduce waste, improve production efficiency
3, durable
easy to replace machine parts design, mechanical design durable machine
4, safety
main drive with overload protection device
third, the main technical parameters

maximum capacity

100 boxes / min (determined according to the size of the carton)

box quality

250-300g/m2(depending on the size of tray)

maximum paper tray specifications


carton minimum specifications


power specifications


current power


compressed air

≥0.6mpa optional 2.2kw air compressor



total weight

about 1.5t

fourth, support for language: a, chinese b, english
five, providing supporting devices: 1, date printer 2, with pillow packing machine automatic device 3-line, automatic spraying machine

note: any special specifications can be designed and manufactured by the company撤消修改alpha

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