dxd-660 type automatic ordering and pillow packing machine automatic production line


first, use
for the length of 50 mm or less pouring chocolate swiss roll, bread, puffed, wafer, candy coated chocolate products such as auto-split, split into a number of groups continued into the pillow packing material production lines, automatic pillow packing.
(configuration manager before coating feeder, can achieve full process automation)
second, the characteristics
an intelligent
set by the plc centralized control mechanism.
full chinese touch screen display the working status, fault display, operating instructions, production statistics, simple and intuitive.
2. efficient
packing speed, no air bags, reducing the human resources, improve production efficiency.
3. durable
easy to replace machine parts design, the whole mechanism design durable.
supported languages:
1, chinese 2, english
third, the main technical parameters

maximum yield of each branch

800 bags / min

range of packaging

bag length 55-180mm width 15-50mm height 5-25mm

maximum diameter of packaging film


maximum width of packing film


the regional power

approximately 8kw

power supply


weight of each branch



7150~12000*1000*1700mm(according to the different materials, vary)

fourth, support for language: a, chinese b, english
five, providing supporting devices: 1, date printer 2, automatic pick membrane devices

note: any special specifications can be designed and manufactured by the company

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